Pictures & Videos from the Tea Party protest @ Melissa Bean’s office in Schaumburg, IL. March 20, 2010

Tea Party Chicago Patriot Steve Stevlic & C. Steven Tucker

Jeanie Tucker (Beautiful PATRIOT) @ Tea Party Rally on March 20, 2010

Illinois Congresssional Candidate Joe Walsh

Congressional Candidate Joe Walsh Speaks @ Melissa Bean Tea Party

Kudos to PATRIOT for her Professional Pictures & Videos.



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8 responses to “Pictures & Videos from the Tea Party protest @ Melissa Bean’s office in Schaumburg, IL. March 20, 2010

  1. Thanks for posting. You gave a great speech C. Steven. It was awesome to see so many patriots out in 32 degree weather protesting Obamacare.

  2. Don


    Awesome! Liberals love to bleat about being tolerant and kind, but they have no tolerance for any belief that differs from their own.

    Average Americans like yourself stood out today to protest against the very likes above, who cannot debate the facts, and choose to demonize their fellow citizens, presenting instead the chains of intolerance.

    These liberals and radicals could care less what the majority believe.

    I thank God above, that so many Patriots as yourself and those who stood with you today stand bravely against such intolerance, and to crush it’s tyrannical head before it can crawl out from it’s dark hole.


    • Thank you Don! You are exactly right! I have to say that I am PROUD of the GOP for standing STRONG against this TYRANNY. Here are their comments from today:
      I believe they are getting the message. Conform to the will of We The People or they too will pay the price at the polls!

  3. Don Castella

    I enjoyed standing for freedom with fellow patriots. It’s time to DUMP BEAN!

    Elect JOE WALSH!

  4. Robert

    I would be happy to send Ms. Bean(s) to Cook County hospital, not to Washington, DC.

  5. Joe Chavez Ptak

    It is great to see so many people in these pictures that I now recognize as a band of patriotic men and women…that I have the honor of knowing.

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