What do Doctors REALLY think about Obamacare?

Last September Doctors from across the United States rallied in Washington D.C to PROTEST Obamacare. Not one main stream media outlet covered this HISTORICAL rally. They will be marching on D.C. again in September 2010.
The Patriots who comprise www.docs4patientcare.org are just one organization behind this movement. One of their members, Dr. Arie Friedman, a pediatrician from Highland Park, Illinois speaks the TRUTH about the American Medical Association and why they DO NOT represent the VAST MAJORITY of working physicians in this country. In fact, the AMA represents less than 17% of ALL physicians in the United States:

Click the following link to view an in depth Power Point from Dr. Arie Friedman regarding the new head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and how his appointment will adversely affect ALL Americans:
The TRUTH about Dr. Donald Berwick

What do other doctor’s have to say about Obamacare? In September 2010, more than 20 Physicians from Long Island, New York decided to speak the truth about Obamacare in a new You Tube video series.

Below are some home made videos from last years march on Washington D.C. These same doctors (and MANY more) will be marching on D.C. AGAIN this September. If you have any contacts in the main stream media, PLEASE select the “contact” button @ www.docs4patientcare.org or call them toll free @ (888) 215-0553 to help get the TRUTH out:

Finally, Dr. James P. Brown, a Urologist from Chicago thoroughly breaks down what is coming under Obamacare if we do NOT stop the funding for this legislation after November 2010.

For an in depth power point presentation from Dr. James P. Brown regarding the Implications of Obamacare click:
The Implications of Health Care “Reform”

Forbes magazine explains why most PRIVATE PRACTICE physicians DO NOT support Obamacare.


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