Affordable health insurance plans not subject to Obamacare mandates.

Now that the first wave of Obamacare mandates have been imposed upon the insurance industry as of 9/23/2010 resulting in premium increases between 19% and 47% and TRIPLING in Washington. Consumers across the country are now clamoring for a lower priced health insurance option. The health insurance industry has responded by introducing a series of new Temporary health insurance plans that include “first dollar coverage” (no deductible required) for outpatient doctor office sick visits and expanded pharmaceutical networks for outpatient prescription drugs.

A little known fact is that Temporary health insurance plans do not have to comply with the new high cost mandates Obamacare has now forced upon Permanent health insurance plans across the nation. They also do not have to comply with the “guaranteed issue” clause, “community rating” clause and the multiple other mandates that will be forced upon health insurers come 2014 should Obamacare be fully implemented.

What this means in plain English is that Temporary health insurance plans are still the lowest priced way to insure anyone against catastrophic future medical bills and they will remain so even if Obamacare is not “unfunded” by a new Congress after November 2012.

Before considering Temporary health insurance plans, there are some things you need to know:

1.) Temporary health insurance plans do not cover pre-existing conditions.

2.) Temporary health insurance plans cover each family member to $2 Million (instead of the standard $5 million).

3.) As it stands now, Temporary health insurance plans can only be purchased for up to 1 year and must be re-purchased every 12 months. That said, starting in December 2010 you will be able to purchase a Temporary health insurance plan for yourself or your family (using the link above) that you can keep for a full 3 years without further proof of insurability.

For more information and pricing on these new Temporary health insurance plans please click below:

If you have a controlled pre-existing condition such as Hypertension or Hyperliplidimia, you would be better off with a Permanent health insurance plan since Permanent health insurance plans are medically underwritten. As such, the vast majority cover controlled pre-existing conditions like Hypertension (Elevated Blood Pressure) and Hyperlipidimia (Elevated Cholesterol) so long as you disclose said conditions on your health insurance application. Please be aware also that permanent health insurance plans are more expensive because they are medically underwritten and as such they are subject to all of the new Obamacare mandates.

For more information and pricing on Permanent health insurance plans in your area please click below:

For those that have serious pre-existing conditions and that live in one of the 5 states that did not have either a High Risk Pool OR a Guaranteed Issue Individual mandate BEFORE Obamacare. Please visit the new “Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan” web site established under Obamacare. Unlike what you may have been told, these new Temporary High Risk health insurance plans are far from “Free”. There are monthly premiums required and they are significant.


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