What did Barack Obama mean by “Fundamental Change”?


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  1. If health care is a right, why does the bill provide for hiring 16,500 IRS agents dedicated to imposing one of the most draconian penalty programs ever perpetrated on the entire population. The middle class will face large fines with the IRS having a special force created to put the hand of the tyrant around the throat of the producers. Congressman Thaddeus McCotter gave Dennis Miller=> Obama defines Health Care as hiring 16,500 IRS agents, raising taxes and increasing the number of patients while decreasing the percentage of doctors to patients. I believe that the supporters of the Progressive movement would rather feel good than be solvent as we go over the financial cliff into an economic abyss. The value of their ideas is measured by the quantity of input and not by the results = intentions not what happens. This is LaLaLand wishful thinking not planning and working hard to do something and it is not a sustainable way to run a country. Ayn Rand described the LOOTERS and the DESTROYER in Atlas Shrugged. She has been dead for several years, but she warned us about the Progressive actions of today.

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