Congressman Joe Walsh honors our Veterans.

My fellow Illinois’ 8th District constituents. Please do not believe the slanderous comments being promulgated by the main stream media and supporters of Congressman Joe Walsh’s opponent – wounded war hero Tammy Duckworth. Congressman Walsh has a deep respect and reverence for all who have worn the uniform and served our country honorably. This respect and reverence extends also to his opponent Tammy Duckworth. He has stated this time and time again since this hotly contested Congressional race began.

After following Congressman Walsh’s career since early 2010. I have attended many of his town hall events and I have seen with my own eyes the deep respect Congressman Walsh always shows for all of our Veterans. In fact, at every one of the more than 100 town halls that Congressman Joe Walsh has held (nearly every weekend) since he was elected. Veterans are always honored and saluted. Below is raw video from just a few of those town hall events:

Always honored and saluted. FF: to 04:55 on this video:

Always honored and saluted. FF: to  o2:30 on this video:

Always honored and saluted. FF: to  o2:10 on this video:

Always honored and saluted. FF: to  o7:02 on this video:

Always honored and saluted. FF: to  o2:30 on this video:

Always honored and saluted. FF: to  o3:40 on this video:

Congressman Joe Walsh also makes time in his busy Congressional schedule to honor Veterans individually:

On July 11, 2012 Congressman Walsh traveled to Boone, North Carolina to speak in support of “Project Welcome Home Troops”:

Please share this blog post so that voters in Illinois’ 8th district can see the truth and then we can get back to what matters most to Congressman Walsh. The future of this great nation and the true threat it faces by the policies of Barack Obama. All of which, are fully supported by his opponent Tammy Duckworth – including Obamacare.



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3 responses to “Congressman Joe Walsh honors our Veterans.

  1. I am an Iraq war veteran in the mighty eighth district. Joe’s heart is fast and true to our Vets! The left is using their horrific talents of deception to blemish this man and his honor for our fighting men and women. He wants her to talk issues- she wants to hype her service. Her former service is not a recipe for getting what needs to be done in Washington done- look at her website- it’s full of tax and spend initiatives that will ultimately lead to higher taxes yet again for members of the eighth. When do we stop the taxing and spending? Can somebody tell me when it ends?

  2. God willing in November Mr. Saubert

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