TRUTH about the Paul Ryan (R) and Ron Wyden (D) Medicare Reform Plan.

When you hear Democrats repeat ad nauseam that “Republicans want to end Medicare as we know it.” Know that they are repeating PolitiFacts’s 2011 “Lie of the Year”. PolitiFact outlines the many reasons why this is lie

The simple fact is that Democrats have already ‘ended Medicare as we know it” with Obamacare. In fact, according to  the Chief Medicare Actuary – Mr. Richard Foster. ObamaCare cuts $818 billion from Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) from 2014-2023, the first 10 years of its full implementation, and $3.2 trillion over the first 20 years, 2014-2033. Adding in ObamaCare cuts for Medicare Part B (physicians fees and other services) brings the total cut to $1.05 trillion over the first 10 years and $4.95 trillion over the first 20 years. This is far, far more than just ‘ending Medicare as we know it”.

These draconian cuts will decimate Medicare for all future generations. And, they will place our nation’s seniors in great peril as they receive far less care than they receive today. In fact, they are already forcing doctors to stop taking Medicare patientsRead the truth here in the Wall Street Journal. Or if you’re a health care policy ‘geek’ like me you can read Mr. Fosters entire assessment here in the 2010 Medicare Board of Trustees Annual Report. Mr. Foster’s actuarial opinion can be found beginning on page 281.

There will be additional cuts under ObamaCare to Medicare Advantage, the private option to Medicare that close to one-fourth of all seniors have chosen for their coverage under the program because it gives them a better deal. Mr. Foster estimates that 50% of all seniors with Medicare Advantage will lose their plan because of these cuts. In fact, one of the biggest fallacies promulgated by the political left is that ‘Obamacare isn’t even implemented until 2014’. In reality, there have been many cuts already made to Medicare since the passage of Obamacare. To see the full timeline of Medicare cuts and taxes that have already been implemented and those that are coming click here.

12 million seniors use Medicare Advantage, under which the government pays private insurers to cover seniors. These seniors have more options, and at times more coverage, than standard Medicare customers. But the Obama administration said Medicare was overpaying the private insurers, and so the architects of Obamacare slashed $136 billion from Medicare Advantage to offset the cost of Obamacare.

The Medicare Advantage cuts were to begin in 2013, which would cause many insurers to pull out of the program, thus driving seniors into regular Medicare. Open enrollment [for 2013 Medicare Advantage] begins Oct. 15, 2012 less than three weeks before voters go to the polls.” So Obamacare would kick seniors out of their Medicare program three weeks before Obama’s re-election.

That, of course, would be politically damaging. So President Obama simply took $8.35 billion from an Obamacare fund for “demonstration projects” and used it to delay the brunt of the Medicare Advantage cuts until after the election. This is not only an abuse of the President’s executive power but it is also another broken promise made by President Obama when he said: “If you like your health care plan, you will be able to KEEP your health care plan, PERIOD.”  Watch:

UPDATE October 19, 2012 Last month, I delivered a short speech during which I discussed the illegal action Barack Obama took earlier this year to delay the destruction of Medicare Advantage until after the November election:

Today, Congressman Darrel Issa issued subpoenas regarding this illegal action. Here is a short video explaining how Barack Obama’s health care law – Obamacare – has scheduled the decimation of the Medicare Advantage program.

In fact, In March of this year the The New England Journal of Medicine CONFIRMED that Medicare Advantage plans performed BETTER than Traditional “Fee For Service” Medicare in a WHOPPING 9 of 11 measures. In fact, it advised AGAINST Barack Obama’s plans for Medicare outlined in Obamacare. And I quote from the NEJM: “The Affordable Care Act lowers benchmarks while continuing to base Medicare Advantage payments on fee-for-service spending levels. A better reform, would break that link: traditional Medicare would also submit bids, the government would set payment levels equal to each county’s lowest bid, and beneficiaries desiring a more expensive plan would have to pay the difference.” Folks, these reforms are IDENTICAL to the reforms that Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are proposing to preserve the life of Medicare for future generations. And, what do we get from President Obama? Commercials of Paul Ryan pushing Grandma off a cliff. How sad and counterproductive.

In fact, the New England Journal of Medicine says the “Affordable Care Act uses the same perverse reimbursement system currently in place.” And, they suggest pursuing  the bipartisan reforms proposed by Paul Ryan and Senator Ron Wyden instead.”  Read the New England Journal of Medicine’s commentary here.

Now that Mitt Romney has announced that Congressman Paul Ryan is his choice for Vice President you will continue to see and hear the most vicious attacks on Chairman Ryan for his attempt to save Medicare before the program implodes and nothing is left for anyone. Please read this entire article so that you can arm yourself with the facts when presented with these highly emotional but baseless attacks.

The fact is that if you condemn the Ryan/Wyden Medicare reform plan and endorse the Obamacare health insurance exchanges you are a hypocrite. Firstly, the Ryan/Wyden Medicare reform plan will change nothing, nada, zero for current Medicare recipients and it will only affect new Medicare recipients. All current seniors and everyone now over 55 would be left entirely untouched  for the rest of their lives, unless they chose to enter Paul Ryan’s new system.

Why are Ryan & Wyden proposing a change to Medicare? Because according to the Chief Medicare Actuary (in the 2012 Medicare Trustees report) Medicare will go bankrupt by 2016 if nothing is done to save it. Worse yet, it is currently ILLEGAL to ‘opt out of Medicare’. This means that ‘Millionaires and Billionaires’ who who do not need Medicare are unable to choose not to take Medicare. With Medicare going bankrupt by 2016, why are we giving Medicare to those who do not need it? The Ryan/Wyden bipartisan plan changes that once and for all. Wealthy Americans will be able to opt out of Traditional Medicare. That fact alone should make one want to learn more.

PLEASE NOTE: This NEW bipartisan Medicare proposal plan from Chairman Paul Ryan (R) and Senator Ron Wyden (D) ENDED the “Voucher” proposal. So, when you hear Democrats use the term “voucher” when referencing Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform plan they are either lying or ignorant of his current proposal.

PLEASE NOTE: Democrats are also lying when they state: “Paul Ryan’s plan will force seniors to pay $4,600 more per year for Medicare”.

PLEASE NOTE: Democrats are also lying when they state: “Seniors will be subject to pre-existing conditions” in Paul Ryan’s new Medicare health insurance exchanges. In all Medicare reform plans, including the Ryan plan, all health plans would be governed by Medicare’s traditional insurance rules, meaning that plans must offer you coverage and can’t reject you or drop you if you are sick. Likewise, health plans would get additional funding to cover the costs of older and sicker enrollees.

With that out of the way, let’s examine the hypocrisy.

Under the Paul Ryan (R) & Senator Ron Wyden (D) BIPARTISAN Medicare reform plan (devised in December 2011) Americans UNDER THE AGE OF 55 TODAY will be able to purchase tax payer subsidized health insurance (when they turn 65) inside Government run health insurance exchanges.

Under Mr. Obama’s ‘health care reform’ plan (a.k.a. Obamacare), Americans UNDER THE AGE OF 65 TODAY will be able to purchase tax payer subsidized health insurance inside Government run health insurance exchanges.

You can not endorse Obamacare and condemn the Ryan/Wyden Medicare reform plan. For a critical component of both plans is identical.

Do not allow yourself to be guided by emotions and fear. This is OUR future. As such, we must approach it INFORMED. Learn the TRUTH about Mr. Ryan & Mr. Wyden’s Medicare Reform proposal here.

It’s important to note that only one President in U.S. history has ever cut $716 Billion from Medicare by reducing payments to hospitals, health insurers, home health, and other Medicare providers.  That President is Barack Obama. Why did he do so? He did so, in order to fund the largest entitlement in U.S. history. Namely, tax payer subsidized health insurance for the majority of Americans under the age of 65.  Many of which are not poor. Not even close.

The truth is both Paul Ryan and President Obama propose nearly the same amount of ‘cuts’ to Medicare over the same period of time. The difference is in HOW these ‘cuts’ are made. President Obama simply reduces the “reimbursement ratios” – how much the government pays to doctors and hospitals for their services. Why is this bad? It’s bad because before Obamacare was even passed. Prominent Medical facilities like the Mayo Clinic in Arizona and other medical clinics have already stopped taking Medicare patients because the reimbursement ratios are already too low!

Realizing this, Mr. Ryan employs an entirely different mechanism. Namely, premium support and competitive bidding. Those under the age of 55 today, would still enjoy exactly the same benefits that those on traditional Medicare have today. However,  along with the traditional Medicare program they would enjoy the option of choosing among a selection of government-approved private insurance plans. Purchased within a government run health insurance exchange.

You see, Mr. Ryan (R) and Mr. Widen (D) both understand that Medicare will be bankrupt by 2016. As such, they have proposed shifting part of the burden of paying for our senior’s health care costs to the private sector.  By offering seniors the option (along with generous financial premium support) of purchasing alternative Medicare coverage options via a government run health insurance exchange.

Did you notice the difference? Under Paul Ryan and Ron Wyden’s plan. Americans under age 55 today will have the option to purchase alternatives to traditional Medicare when they turn 65. Under President Obama’s plan, which is maintaining the status quo, seniors today will have access to Traditional Medicare for a few more years. And, those age 55 and under today, will have access to nothing when they turn 65. For Medicare will be bankrupt before they turn 65.

October 16, 2012 UPDATE Remember when Joe Biden said during the VP debate: “Who you going to believe on Medicare? The AMA and me, or a guy like Paul Ryan VP?” Well Mr. Vice President, guess what? The AMA now supports Paul Ryan’s defined contribution Medicare Reform plan.

I discussed President Obama’s plans for Medicare and how it compares to Paul Ryan’s plan for Champion News:

Another crucial difference between Barack Obama’s plan for ‘reforming Medicare’ – (cutting hundreds of billions of dollars in reimbursement rates to doctors, hospitals and home health care) and the Ryan/Wyden plan is that the Ryan/Wyden plan contains NONE of the tax increases below that are coming – courtesy of Obamacare. And, because the Ryan/Wyden plan introduces free market competitive bidding into the Medicare arena, instead of simply slashing reimbursement rates to doctors, hospitals and home health clinics. Mitt Romney has now vowed to RESTORE the aforementioned $716 Billion in cuts made to Medicare by President Obama if elected in November.

If you think that introducing competitive bidding into the Medicare arena – via health insurance companies – is a ‘radical’ idea. You might want to contact President Obama and ask him why he has directed his Health & Human Services Department to implement the same reform ideas in 18 states right now.

Sadly President Obama has proposed zero options to truly reform Medicare and save it for future generations. Even though SENATOR Obama derided President Bush for the same thing in 2005. Watch him say it here:

He also derided John McCain for the same in 2008. Watch him say it here:

You know that $711 Billion in ‘cuts’ to Medicare that President Obama authorized with Obamacare? Those cuts were made in large part to expand the rolls of Medicaid in order to subsidize the ‘poor’. Many of which have never paid a dime into the Medicare trust fund. Many of which are not poor. You see, President Obama had redefined the term ‘poor’. Just as our former Governor Blagoyevich did in my home state of Illinois, where Obamacare is already moving ‘forward’ at break neck speed.

Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion Sections 1311, 1321 and 1401 of the Obamacare legislation mandates Federally subsidized “premium tax credits” for “Obamacare insurance exchange” enrollees. Beginning in 2014, Americans who are not offered health insurance through their employer and who are not eligible for Medicaid may be eligible for premium credits for coverage through an “Obamacare health insurance exchange”. The Obamacare legislation massively expands our already bankrupt Medicaid rolls (at an additional cost to state tax payers of at least $118.04 Billion by 2023) to an estimated 16-25 million more Americans. The legislation also calls for extremely generous tax payer funded ‘premium assistance’ to individuals and families with income between 138% and 400% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Using 2012 Federal Poverty Levels, this would mean that individuals in 48 states & D.C. making $42,680 annually and families of four making $92,200 would now qualify for ‘premium assistance’ from the few, the proud, the 53% of us who actually pay income taxes. Just how much assistance? Take a look at the real cost of Government approved health insurance using Kaiser’s new ‘Health Insurance Exchange Calculator’. Then look at the amount the insured will actually pay. Where will the money come from to expand to pay for all of this? No worries, remember it’s all “free”!

Another problem is that Obamacare freezes our state’s (and other states) Medicaid eligibility requirements regardless of the impact on Illinois’ bottom line.  Not only is Illinois forced to keep eligibility at that level, but Illinois is also forced to raise payments to primary care physicians. Section 1202 of H.R. 4872 a.k.a. the Health Care & Education Affordability Reconciliation Act of 2010 (which was used to pass the PPACA) requires that Illinois increase Medicaid reimbursement rates for primary care physicians to the same level as the applicable Medicare reimbursement rates for years 2013 and 2014.

At first this sounds like a good idea however, this requirement, along with the federal funding for it, expires on January 1, 2015. Leaving the state of Illinois tax payer holding the bill to maintain this new physician reimbursement or make drastic cuts. It is crucial to understand that this new burden placed upon the Illinois tax payer is in addition to the already unpaid Medicaid bills piling up in Illinois after lawmakers enacted a budget pushing $2.4 Billion of last year’s bills into this year.  On January 30, 2012, the Civic Federation released its “Budget Roadmap” for the coming fiscal year. In it, they highlight the fact that state officials now believe the Medicaid program will have between $21 and $23 billion in unpaid bills by 2017.

Medicaid patients are already suffering from Illinois’ low reimbursement rates and long payment delays. Nursing homes and hospitals are running out of time and money while they wait for reimbursement. Doctors are turning away poor patients or making them wait weeks or months or even longer to receive care, just to keep their doors open.

What caused our Medicaid system to become so fiscally unsustainable? During Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich’s Governorship, our Illinois Medicaid program was expanded far beyond simply providing health insurance for children of the poor (which was the original intent of the bi partisan Federal SCHIP bill). Blago expanded our Medicaid based state health insurance program to include 2 new programs that were designed to ‘supplement’ our “All Kids Covered” ( program (formerly “Kid Care”). These two new Medicaid based Entitlement programs (still in existence today) are called “Family Care” ( and “Mom’s & Babies” ( These programs go far beyond providing health insurance to children of the poor. In fact, they provide ‘free’ to nearly ‘free’ health insurance coverage for pregnant women and even the Father of a child who is enrolled on our “All Kids Covered” program. The program was also expanded to include coverage for those far beyond the existing Federal poverty levels.

Adding to the rapid bankruptcy of our Illinois Medicaid program was the fact that under Blago’s Governorship, legal residency status was not required on the Illinois’ “All Kids Covered” Medicaid application. It took an investigation conducted by former Chicago Tribune reporter Dennis Byrne to determine just how many illegal aliens were enrolled on our “All Kids Covered” program. The shocking answer was 75%. 

Sadly, as of August 2012 there are no plans, not even a discussion, to purge our bankrupt Illinois Medicaid rolls of more than 77,000 Illegal Aliens. Not even after Governor Quinn passed the new “Medicaid Reform” bill of 2012. Hey, you know what? This sounds GREAT. Let’s expand this concept EVERYWHERE! That is exactly what Obamacare does.

Obamacare simply repeats the same mistakes already made by our now bankrupt (and deeply in debt) Illinois Medicaid program. However, it does so, on a national level. It increases Medicaid eligibility to almost every American with incomes below 138% of the federal poverty level (under the age of 65). This means that a family of four with an income as high as $87,000 would receive ‘premium tax credits’. What does this mean in dollars and cents? A report released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services shows the impact this massive expansion will have: “This expansion, together with greater participation by individuals eligible under current rules, is projected to add 14.9 million people to enrollment in 2014 and 25.9 million people by 2020—26 percent and 44 percent, respectively, compared to pre-[Obamacare] estimates.”

This means that by 2020, Medicaid enrollment will reach 85 million, or approximately one in every three Americans. Currently one in every five Americans are on Medicaid. This level of Government dependency distorts the original purpose of the Medicaid program, which was intended to serve as a safety net for only the truly indigent.

As a result of the expansion, the report shows, Medicaid spending between 2011 and 2020 will increase under Obamacare by $619 billion. The federal government will initially pay for most of the new spending, totaling $572 billion. But the expansion will increasingly strain state budgets as well, since the federal contribution decreases rapidly leaving the state tax payer holding the bill. In fact, this massive expansion of Medicaid will bring total state Medicaid spending to $2.3 trillion through 2020. Illinois’ share will be another $10 Billion by the year 2020.

The above history of our Illinois Medicaid debacle is one of many reasons why the Federal Government MUST be removed from the decision making process regarding how Medicaid dollars are spent on the local level. This is why Paul Ryan proposes “Block Granting” Medicaid dollars back to the states. Learn why the very survival of Medicaid for our nation’s TRULY indigent hinges on this proposal.

Besides creating a state budgetary crisis like our nation has never experienced before. This massive expansion creates a much more serious problem. A problem that places our nation’s seniors in great peril.

The worst part about massively expanding our already bankrupt Medicaid rolls is that according to a 2009 large and comprehensive study completed by the University of Virginia, and an earlier study completed in 2005 by the American Academy of Cardiology, surgical patients on Medicaid are 97% MORE LIKELY TO DIE than those with private health insurance. Why? Because the reimbursement ratios to doctors who take Medicaid are so low that these patients do not get the follow up care they need after surgery. Keep in mind, BOTH of these studies were completed BEFORE we enroll 25 million MORE Americans onto our bankrupt Medicaid rolls. And, according to the Chief Medicare Actuary Obamacare reduces the reimbursement ratio that the government pays to doctors who take MEDICARE to LESS than it currently pays to doctors who take MEDICAID. And they criticized Sarah Palin for using the term “Death Panels”?

Those who will SUFFER the MOST under Obamacare will be our nation’s poor. Here are the reasons why. Worse yet, this massive expansion of Medicaid will lead to an UGLY new profit margin for health insurance carriers.

I spoke about these 2 studies as well as who will bear the massive COST of paying to insure 25 million more Americans on Government approved health insurance at the 2011 Chicago Tax Day Tea Party:

IPAB – Independent Payment Advisory Board: 

Perhaps nothing in the Obamacare legislation embodies the top-down, command-and-control nature of Progressive healthcare more than the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), a 15-member panel of “experts” to be appointed by the President. There are three particular features of the IPAB that illustrate this fact: The IPAB will control all healthcare spending, public and private. The IPAB has been awarded near-dictatorial power. And the IPAB is designed to be a nearly immutable entity.

The IPAB Will Control Everything

While the IPAB has several duties, the chief amongst these is to impose a final, insuperable cap on healthcare spending.

Obamacare hands the IPAB the authority to cap not only public healthcare spending, but also private healthcare spending (thus demonstrating, once again, that Progressives do indeed mean to restrict private healthcare spending). This particular feature of the IPAB is one of the more difficult-to-tease-out aspects of the Obamacare legislation, so it is fitting that the IPAB acquired this sweeping authority in a suitably convoluted and sneaky way.

Anyone who paid attention to the remarkable process that brought us our new and transformational healthcare system might recall that Obamacare was not passed in the usual manner. It began typically enough; there were separate House and Senate bills, each of which passed in their respective chambers (though without any Republican votes). Normally, the next step would be to send those two bills to a Joint Conference to hash out the differences, and then off to a final vote. This did not happen with Obamacare.

The main hangup occurred in the Senate. There, the President needed 60 votes to assure final passage of his bill. And in the way of negotiating for those necessary 60 votes, five or six Democrat Senators went behind closed doors to cobble together a list of amendments to the original Senate Bill – the so-called Managers’ Amendments. It is in the Managers’ Amendments that one can find such famous niceties as the bribes paid to Nebraska and Louisiana in order to entice their respective Senators to support the bill. Some of the deals made behind closed doors were so outlandish that even the Managers themselves (according to many reports at the time) did not expect them to survive the Joint Conference that everyone assumed would take place.

The original Senate bill, before the Managers’ Amendments were added, never created anything called an Independent Payment Advisory Board. Rather, in Section 3403 it created the Independent Medicare Advisory Board, whose powers (appropriately) were limited only to federally funded healthcare programs, such as Medicare. It was the Managers’ Amendments which re-empowered the IMAB, and re-christened it as the IPAB.

Specifically, Section 10320 (in the Managers’ Amendments portion of the legislation) grants the IPAB, beginning in 2015, the authority to limit all healthcare expenditures, that is, all healthcare expenditures, and not just expenditures by Medicare or government-run programs.

To emphasize this expanded authority, Section 10320 changes the name of the “Independent Medicare Advisory Board” to the “Independent Payment Advisory Board.” It directs the IPAB, at least every two years, to “submit to Congress and the President recommendations to slow the growth in national health expenditures” for private healthcare programs. Furthermore, it designates that these “recommendations” may be implemented by the Secretary of HHS or other Federal agencies “administratively” (that is, without any action by Congress).

The justification for this mind-boggling expansion of the IPAB’s authority, to the extent that any justification was offered, appeared to be that controlling private healthcare expenditures will directly impact Medicare, since the “target” Medicare growth rate (which the IMAB was originally charged with achieving) will be determined by overall healthcare expenditures. Therefore, it is necessary to control all healthcare expenditures, public and private. (More practically, if Medicare patients are subjected to arbitrary cost-cutting measures that do not affect younger Americans, we Old Farts are likely to become inconveniently rowdy.)

Once the Managers had devised sufficient paybacks in the Managers’ Amendments to get the needed 60 votes, and the Senate bill finally passed, President Obama and his Congressional allies, Mr. Reid and Ms. Pelosi, determined that allowing the new law to go to Joint Conference would be counterproductive. Support among Democrats in the Senate was so tenuous that party leaders realized the bill would never survive another Senate vote after a Joint Conference. It would be easier, they calculated, to ram the Senate bill, fully intact including the Managers’ Amendments, through the House of Representatives, employing the always-useful reasoning that passing the law right then was a manifest emergency. So that is what they did. And while the vote was also a much closer call than Democrat leaders would have liked, the Senate bill finally passed in the House. And in this way, to the astonishment of many, the Senate bill, Managers’ Amendments and all, became law.

However convoluted the process may have been, the fact is that Obamacare grants the IPAB, a non-elected entity within the federal government, the authority to limit all healthcare spending, including private spending.

The IPAB’s Authority Is Nearly Dictatorial

A quick reading of Section 3403 might leave one with the impression that the IPAB is a sort of Mr. Rogers of healthcare – a mild-mannered, friendly, always-helpful, but ultimately undemanding agent for good. This is the impression imparted by the first few paragraphs of the Section, which paint the new entity as an “advisory” board, whose main task is to develop “proposals” and “advisory reports,” which “proposals” and “advisory reports” would solely consist of various “recommendations,” that ought to be “considered” for the purpose of cost reduction.

Nothing could be further from the truth. This language is simply another example of supplying a new law, which is far more radical than the authors would like people to know, with a soothingly misleading introductory paragraph. The IPAB is actually designed to be as all-powerful as it’s possible to be.

Each year, once the Medicare’s Chief Actuary determines that the projected per capita growth rate for Medicare exceeds the designated target growth rate (which is an inevitability), the IPAB is required to submit a plan which will cut healthcare costs sufficiently to bring the growth rate back in line; which is to say, the IPAB will determine what will be paid for and what will not. Then, the Secretary of HHS is required to implement the IPAB’s plan in its entirety, without exception – unless Congress acts to block implementation. However, the ability of Congress to do so is severely limited. The representatives of the people are forbidden from taking any action “that would repeal or otherwise change the recommendations of the Board,” unless it: a)votes to halt the IPAB mandates with a SUPER MAJORITY of the Senate; and b: devises its own specific cost cutting scheme that will achieve equivalent results. If Congress had the will to do such a thing, however, we never would have needed Obamacare in the first place.

Most worrisome is the fact that if these 15 unelected bureaucrats can not make their quota of necessary cuts, the decision as to how to do so falls, for the first time in U.S. history, to one person. That person is the acting director of HHS – Health & Human Services. That title is currently held by none other than Kathleen Sebellius. A radical left wing, pro abortion, pro eugenics, Liberal.

So, in practice, the cost-cutting “recommendations” which the IPAB will “propose” for “consideration” by the Secretary and by the Congress will be implemented in their entirety, automatically, without revision, and will be backed by the full authority of the Federal government. For all practical purposes, the IPAB will become a new agency of the executive branch with near-dictatorial authority to cut healthcare spending, public and private, where and when and for whom it sees fit.

The IPAB Is Designed To Be Immutable

Section 3403 also contains some remarkable language that likely has never been seen before in American legislative history. To wit: “It shall not be in order in the Senate or the House of Representatives to consider any bill, resolution, amendment, or conference report that would repeal or otherwise change this subsection.”

So the designers of Obamacare, recognizing that the arbitrary cost cutting that the IPAB will impose on all those ACOs and other integrated healthcare teams (as they happily toil away in the new healthcare worker’s paradise) is sure to create significant political blowback, has sought to immunize the IPAB from any revisionary lawmaking that might result. And as astounding as it may sound, the IPAB and all its designated dictatorial functions are designed by law to be in force for perpetuity. Our Congress has passed legislation that purports to bind all future Congresses from altering it in any way.

We have heard from the President and others that the IPAB is a very important feature of our new healthcare system. This “immutability clause” ought to convince us just how important they believe it to be. This clause necessarily implies that the IPAB is not only the most important innovation in Obamacare, but indeed, it apparently is most important legislative provision ever written. We know this because no other provision has ever received such extraordinary protections from any future alterations whatsoever.

One can only bask in the utter audacity of our Progressive leaders, who are so sure they know what’s best for us that they were willing to engage in all manner of legislative legerdemain to pass Obamacare, not only against the apparent expressed will of the people, but also (as it turns out) against the objections of any future American Congress that is sent to Washington by those people.

Not even our Constitution itself – a document that attempted to establish a government for all time – was as audacious as this. For the Constitution, at least, provided a mechanism for its own alteration.
Source: The Covert Rationing Blog

It’s important to understand that IPAB was modeled after state run health plans like the one in Oregon. Here’s how well that plan is serving the sick and elderly in the state of Oregon. Caution: do not watch this clip without monitoring your blood pressure. Watch: Oregon health plan denies woman cancer medications but offers assisted suicide.

The Complete Lives System It’s crucial to understand the individuals who helped Barack Obama craft Obamacare. One of them is none other than the brother of the current Mayor of Chicago. Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel. As a Eugenist, he designed something called the “Complete Lives System”. This ‘system’ was designed for government ‘officials’ to decide the ‘appropriate’ amount of health care you should receive based on your age and your ‘value to society’ based on age. The image below is what “Dr. Emmanuel” refers to as the “Reaper Curve”. Take a good look at it, because depending on your age, the future of the American health care system, under systems like this may look very bleak for you. Why? Read about the twisted ‘science’ behind this kind of thinking here in the Wall Street Journal. As you are reading, remember one thing. Dr. Emmanuel was appointed to two key positions in the Obama administration, prior to the passage of Obamacare. Health-policy adviser at the Office of Management and Budget and a member of the Federal Council on CER – Comparative Effectiveness Research – funding for CER & IPAB were provided in the ‘Stimulus’ bill.

What you have just read is just the surface of Obamacare. There is much, MUCH more to learn. Please, when you have time, watch the video below on Obamacare. It is a one hour commitment. You will learn more after watching this movie than most Democrat members of Congress knew about it – before they voted for it.

For more information on the Obamacare legislation visit:

UNFUNDED LIABILITIES: Before Obamacare passed into law, our nation’s unfunded liabilities (promises made to future recipients) were $65 Trillion (Medicare – $38 trillion, Medicaid – over $20 trillion, Social Security – $7 trillion). AFTER Obamacare, our unfunded Liabilities total $82 Trillion. That is an additional $17 trillion. Keep in mind that these unfunded liabilities are in addition  to our $16 Trillion national debt ($5 Trillion of that, was incurred by Barack Obama). See the disturbing numbers here.

MEDICARE DOUBLE TAXATION: If we do NOT repeal Obamacare come November by obtaining the 50 plus 1 votes we need in the U.S. Senate. Medicare DOUBLE TAXATION will begin on 1.1.2013 and the IRS will be given unprecedented power to collect this and many other new ‘Obamacare Taxes’.  This is why it is crucial to support the vetted Conservative candidates running for the U.S. Senate at We also need to make sure that we get rid of the worst part of Obamacare….. the OBAMA.

I sat down with Carol Ann Parisi in the Champion News Talk Radio studio to discuss this in great detail below:



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  4. patty liberty

    Thank you again Steve for tonight’s meeting at the Palatine Library . . . you gave ANOTHER informative and interesting presentation on obamacare as you clearly stated the facts! And I also thank Carol Parisi too! The first time I saw you was months ago at the Tri County Tea Party Meeting in Bartlett. As I told you at the end of tonight’s meeting, aside from the vulgar financial burdens as time goes on with obamacare, people WILL see and hear stories regarding very ugly medical related things that will horrify them. I am retired now, but as a Registered Nurse, I know this industry and I know doctors and nurses will be leaving both professions by the thousands all over this country because the stress will be too great. Quality nursing care WILL go way, way down and the already “constant” nursing shortage will become another nightmare. I have spoken with some doctors too and most are freaked out about obamacare because it truly IS a trainwreck. Oh and THIS TIME, unfortunately, the light at the end of the tunnel IS the obamacare train coming to run all of us over.

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