Governor John Kasich is moving ‘Forward’ with Obamacare in Ohio.

Under section 1311 of the “Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act”, tax ‘credits’ can only be provided to those who purchase health insurance in a ‘state-based’ exchange. And, since the $2,000 (or $3,000) per employee tax on employers is tied to those tax ‘credits’. No employer can be legally penalized in a state that refuses to open a ‘state based’ exchange. The HHS deadline for Governor’s to declare their refusal or agreement to open a ‘state based’ exchange expired on November, 16, 2012.

ATTENTION Ohio Conservatives: An additional HHS deadline of December 15, 2012 was recently granted to Governors who are still undecided on opening a ‘state based’ exchange. And, an HHS deadline of February 15, 2013 was granted to those Governor’s who wish to purse a ‘state-federal Partnership’ exchange because they are not prepared to open a ‘state-based’ exchange by the required HHS deadline of September 1, 2013. Ohio Governor John Kasich has selected this third deadline of February 15, 2013 and is moving “Forward” with Obamacare in Ohio. Even though the media reported that he has rejected a ‘state-based’ exchange. The truth is Mr. Kasich is pursing a “state-federal partnership” exchange. A “state-federal partnership” exchange IS a ‘state-based’ exchange. In fact, a ‘state-federal Partnership’ exchange is exactly what our Illinois Statist Governor Pat Quinn is opening right here in Madiganistan. If you are an Ohio Conservative I suggest you contact every member of Governor’s Kasich’s staff since he seems to be ‘hard of hearing’. Click here for each of their phone numbers and email addresses.

Obamacare exchange

As of November 28, 2012 here’s where each Governor stands on opening a ‘state based’ exchange:

Opening a ‘state based’ exchange: 18 states and Washington, D.C.
Planning for a partnership exchange: 6 states
Have REJECTED to a ‘state-based’ exchange: 17 states
Undecided: 8 states – including Florida, Idaho, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Montana and West Virginia. PLEASE NOTE: Indiana’s Governor elect Mike Pence has rejected a state-based exchange.

Click here for updated information on exchange implementation from the Kaiser Family Foundation.


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