Affordable health insurance solution until 2014.

If you are a healthy person without preexisting conditions, and cost is a concern, consider short term health insurance coverage until 2014 when there will be no more preexisting condition exclusions on individual and family health insurance plans.

To get quotes and apply online with only 7 health questions asked, click the banner below.



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2 responses to “Affordable health insurance solution until 2014.

  1. Now insurance for kids are less than $50 and so the parents don’t need to worry about the insurance bills for their kids. Reference from

    • Danniewalker,

      Parents could keep their children on their policies until age 25, 26 and even 30 in nearly all 50 states for many years before Obamacare. That is nothing new. Neither is the lower premium. The only difference with Obamacare is that the child no longer needs to be attending college or be financially dependent on their parents or remain unmarried.

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