How to debate the Regressive Left on Obamacare on Facebook

Hi Steve……’s me, your new tax and spend pinko liberal. Christine has asked to stay out of the line of fire.
  • C Steven Tucker Welcome David Hurst. Before we begin our debate on the PPACA I need to gauge the depth of your knowledge on the law. Please tell me how many health insurance carriers have exited the individual major medical market since the passage of the PPACA? Also, what section of the law was directly responsible for their exit?
  • David Hurst Can I use a life line?.
  • C Steven Tucker lol David! ALREADY you’re tapping out?
  • Jean Kulig-Tucker You should “phone a friend,” want to call Obama?
  • David Hurst Hey no fair…..two against one.
  • Jean Kulig-Tucker Oh, I forgot he has his minions like Nancy “we have to vote for bill to find out what’s in it” Pelosi to answer (fumble) the tough questions.
  • David Hurst Wow… guys were waiting for me
  • David Hurst I got about as much chance with you as Ted Cruz does trying to defund
  • C Steven Tucker Ok David Hurst. I’ll try a more simple question. What section of the law outlines the powers allotted to the IRS to provide APTX – Advance Premium Tax Credits – a.k.a. “Other People’s Money” to artificially lower the high cost of PPACA approved health insurance. And, how does section 1321 correlate to section 1311?
  • Jean Kulig-Tucker I have a question. If I sign up for Obamacare and I get a free Obamaphone, can I sell my current free Obamaphone on Ebay for cash?
  • Mary Jo Piotrowicz-Barbosa We’re here to serve and protect…the US Citizens.
  • C Steven Tucker Oh I can guarantee you I can defend the law better than Senator Ted Cruz. So, can you answer either question David Hurst? Or shall I try another one?
  • Mary Jo Piotrowicz-Barbosa Woo-hoo…Friday night fights are back
  • Jean Kulig-Tucker C Steven, why do you want to deny kids with down’s syndrome health care?
  • David Hurst OK….one at a time. Steve….don’t know what the hell you’re talking about…..Mary Jo….put your Obamaphone on Craigslist….Hi Mary Jo
  • Jason Mietus Insomnia is great!
  • Mary Jo Piotrowicz-Barbosa I don’t have an Obamaphone, I pay for mine.
  • David Hurst Congrats
  • C Steven Tucker Ugh.. ok David Hurst. I’m not surprised. You and all of our friends on the Left have very little knowledge of the law yet are compelled to defend it. Ok, let me try another one.
  • C Steven Tucker How about this one David Hurst. Why don’t YOU tell ME what’s GOOD about the law?
  • Jason Mietus David – if the government can’t afford to operate where does the money for the Barrycades around privately funded open air memorials come from?
  • Jean Kulig-Tucker I know, I know. Everyone in the country, including kids with down’s syndrome, can’t be denied health insurance coverage by the evil health insurance corporations anymore thanks to Obamascare.
  • Jean Kulig-Tucker What do I win?
  • David Hurst Steve….I will submit you are expert in insurance. Will you leave the insurance biz after 2014?\
  • Robert Johnson What happened to David Hurst? I am Undecided on ObamaCare and would like his input on what is GOOD.
  • Mary Jo Piotrowicz-Barbosa Probably googling his answer
  • C Steven Tucker I will not David Hurst because the PPACA is the largest transfer of wealth to those ‘evil’ insurance companies in U.S History. I will be busier than I have ever been. Tell me, do you agree with the fact that insurance companies should be made wealthier via a massive transfer of wealth from the U.S. Treasury.
  • Jeanie Backus-Coates David, seriously, can you tell us what is good about the law?
  • Eligio Marin Obamacares apply to people over 60?
  • Jean Kulig-Tucker Yes, the fall back plan is either porn or a magician for kids parties.
  • David Hurst Boy…….angry angry Republicans. Thanks Christine.
  • Mary Jo Piotrowicz-Barbosa Not angry, just educated.
  • Jason Mietus I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!….that is all.
  • C Steven Tucker I’m not angry David Hurst. Just trying to find out if you know ANYTHING about the law. Thus far you’re 0 for 4.
  • David Hurst You guys win…..if only the American people, the Supreme Court, and RommneyCare got on board.
  • Jean Kulig-Tucker David. I think we can all find some common ground, we all want to make sure everyone has access to the care they need when they are sick, Dems and Repubs and Conservatives just differ in how to go about making that happen.
  • C Steven Tucker Obamacare was Romneycare almost exactly David Hurst. Tell me, what part of the “Obamacare” law did Kathleen Sebellius rewrite in late 2011 to make it vastly different? ….. anyone…. anyone…. Bueller?
  • C Steven Tucker Exactly RIGHT Jean Kulig-Tucker. David Hurst see Jean’s comment ^^^^
  • Jean Kulig-Tucker We also differ on whether health care is a “right” or a service.
  • C Steven Tucker Health care is a commodity, not a ‘right’. Jean Kulig-Tucker and David Hurst. Free Speech is a ‘right’.
  • Patrick Powers Tell ya what David, I’ll throw you a bone. Tell us how the PPACA makes you feel. Do you get tingles thinking about it? We know you have no facts, so give us feelings. Hell, give us SOMETHING to work with….
  • Jean Kulig-Tucker We also differ on whether the Federal Gov’t has the power to MANDATE that Americans have to puchase a product and whether businesses have pay for a product.
  • David Hurst So Steve……what are you going to do after 2014?
  • David Hurst You guys are jamming my posts…..almost as effective as filibustering
  • C Steven Tucker I am going to be selling health insurance, the same as I do now David Hurst but only until April 1st of 2014. After that, thanks to the PPACA there will be no plans to sell until 10/7/14.
  • David Hurst Hey Chris….you didn’t tell me he would have his right wing cohorts laying in the bushes.
  • Jean Kulig-Tucker okay everyone, let’s allow David and Steve have the ring by themselves and we’ll see how many rounds it takes for a knockout. I’m just going to watch. Please all, sit in the chairs and watch the punches fly.
  • C Steven Tucker Ok David Hurst. Lets get rid of that excuse. I will delete all the other comments and then you and I can go one on one. Please Christine Lesch-Quinn, Mary Jo Piotrowicz-Barbosa, Jason Mietus, Patrick Powers and Eligio Marin no more comments on this thread. David wants to go one on one with me. Please watch, this will be fun.
  • David Hurst Steve….why do you think the ACA is the law of the land?
  • C Steven Tucker You too Kathy Durante Horchner. Please no more posts on this thread. David wants to debate just me.
  • Robert Johnson Mr Hurst, I only want to get Catastrophic health coverage. I dont want to waste my money on all the other bells and whistles. Where can I get that?
  • David Hurst But I thought Roberts was one of you guys
  • C Steven Tucker You too Robert Johnson. No more posts on this thread. David wants to debate just me.
  • Robert Johnson Mr Hurst. Ae you going to tell us what is good about this law?
  • David Hurst Nothing….you can go to bed now
  • David Hurst Why did you allow Obama a second term?
  • David Hurst Weren’t you paying attention to glenn Beck?
  • C Steven Tucker David Hurst. Firstly it is not the “ACA”. It is the PPACA. Secondly the PPACA is not the law of the land. 41 of the 82 legally defined start times for sections of the law have been missed by this administration. Thirdly, the President has unilaterally repealed or delayed 14 sections of the law without Congressional approval. Fourthly more than 4 million Americans have been waived from the law since 2010. Fifthly, the mandate on employers has been unilaterally and illegally delayed for a year and members of Congress have been illegally and unilaterally allotted a 73% taxpayer funded bail out on their obamacare premiums. A bail out or ‘subsidy’ that none of us are eligible for at those income levels. So no David the “PPACA” is NOT the ‘law of the land’. What is the law of the land is something entirely different and it will be different tomorrow.
  • David Hurst Gee Steve……If only our country had listened to you (and Jean) we wouldn’t be in such a mess!
  • David Hurst Thank you for the PPACA correction.
  • C Steven Tucker I couldn’t agree more David and yes we are indeed in a mess. Just ask the Labor unions who told the President that either they get their own special taxpayer funded bail out on their Obamacare premiums or the law needs to be REPEALED because it has ‘destroyed the 40 hour work week’. Tell me David Hurst. Why would Labor Union leader Richard Trumpka say the law has ‘destroyed the 40 hour work week’. What part of the PPACA does that? Let’s see if you can go
    0 for 5.
  • David Hurst I have already declared you the winner in insurance lingo. I go back to my original premise of. if this law is sooooooooo bad, how did you guys manage to lose 2012 when repeal/defund was Romney’s battlecry?
  • David Hurst Are Republicans “low information” folks?
  • C Steven Tucker No David Hurst we lost 2012 because the candidate the GOP ran was the original author of Obamacare. His name was Mitt Romney.
  • David Hurst So the Republican Party wanted to destroy America by allowing Obama to win?
  • C Steven Tucker And David Hurst the law is soooooo bad because it has put 13 insurance carriers out of the individual and family health insurance business leaving millions of Americans without their health insurance plans. Exactly the opposite of what Barack Obama promised. One of them was a client of mine who lost her plan in the middle of Breast Cancer treatment. Worst yet, millions more will lose their health plans beginning later this year. And, after 2014 according to the CBO 14.5 million more will lose their plans. And that’s just the surface. There is much more that is wrong with the law. For example the tiny fine for not purchasing health insurance which young and healthy people will choose to elect instead of buying insurance. Meaning that only older and sicker people will be left in the risk pool, also meaning that their premiums will increase even higher than they are now. Exactly how Community Rating and Guaranteed issue failed in all 8 other states it has already been implemented in before. Then there’s Medicare and Medicaid. It gets real ugly there.
  • C Steven Tucker No David Hurst it was NBC News, Abcnews, CBS News and msnbc that won the election for Obama. Precisely because they did not report the truth.
  • David Hurst Steve……I’m not arguing this is a perfect law…..and it may or may not affect you in the professional sense….but can you give it a chance before you jump off the cliff?
  • David Hurst Wow Steve….you mean Limbaugh the Hut , Hannity,Ingram, Levinn, don’t have any juice?
  • David Hurst Fox let you down?
  • C Steven Tucker I have read the entire law David Hurst. This is why I can not support it. It is so bad that one would have to ask if it is DESIGNED to fail. My prime directive has always been to protect my clients and those whom I care for. Supporting this law would be contrary to my prime directive. I think it is only fair that you read the entire law before you support it. Otherwise how else can you form an opinion?
  • David Hurst I have friends like you who will read it for me
  • C Steven Tucker Again David Hurst the primary problem in 2012 was the candidate. This was the GOP’s fault. Not Conservatives.
  • David Hurst Who was your horse…..Rick Perry?
  • C Steven Tucker Good, send your friends to this wall then. Then I can debate with someone who knows of what they speak. You have no real knowledge of the law but I look forward to debating your ‘friends’ who will ‘read the law for you’.
  • C Steven Tucker Rick Perry was not ‘my horse’.
  • David Hurst Did the Conservatives have any skin in the game?
  • C Steven Tucker Sadly we did not have much David Hurst. We had two enemies to battle in 2012. The Regressive Left and the establishment Republicans. That said, we did quite well in 2010. These things take time. We will prevail again soon.
  • David Hurst BTW…..I like your comment about your prime directive. Very Starfleet like
  • C Steven Tucker OH! A fellow Trekkie aye David Hurst? Well we have SOMETHING in common.
  • David Hurst As you know even prime directives can be altered as evidenced by a young Kirk. I think your prime directive is honorable but be flexible.
  • C Steven Tucker Can’t be flexible on that one David Hurst. Obamacare is a very bad law and it will harm the most vulnerable in our society. It is for this reason that I will continue to oppose it and continue to educate those who listen about what is actually in the law.
  • David Hurst What are you going to do the other 50 weeks of the year?
  • C Steven Tucker Continue the same thing I’ve been doing for the last 3 years until this law is repealed and replaced by a law that will actually improve our health care and health insurance systems.
  • David Hurst Like single payer?
  • David Hurst I’m sure Hillary will be down with that
  • C Steven Tucker You mean “Medicare For All” David Hurst?
  • David Hurst Sounds good to me
  • C Steven Tucker Tell me David Hurst. According to the CMS – Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Chief Medicare Actuary, Medicare will be bankrupt by the year 2023. And it has $22,000,000,000,000,000 (that’s trillion) in unfunded liabilities. That’s money already owed by Medicare to future generations who are currently paying into Medicare. Currently there are only 50 million Medicare recipients. How exactly do you plan to finance Medicare for the other 280 million Americans who you wish to enroll in Medicare today?
  • David Hurst Come to you for a loan
  • C Steven Tucker lol. Exactly. Do you see my point now? It’s not all about emotions. Sure we all want ‘health care for all’ which Obama promised we would get with his law. Turns out, according to the CBO, even after the full implementation of the PPACA 30 million Americans will STILL remain UNINSURED. That is not ‘health care for all’. Not even close. We can do better and I will not stop educating and informing until we do.
  • David Hurst Your educating and informing has certainly reached your Party….and they have aptly responded by shutting down the government. Classic.
  • C Steven Tucker Barack Obama has shut down the government David Hurst because he refuses to negotiate. All we want is equal protection under the law. You know, like that pesky Constitution says we have a right too. If Congress gets a 73% bail out from the law. Big Business gets a one year bail out. Then we the people deserve the same. That’s just fairness and equality. You’re familiar with those terms are you not?
  • David Hurst Negotiate? With the Party of No?
  • David Hurst Been there done that
  • David Hurst As Ross would say to The Grand Old Party, “Get over yourself”.
  • C Steven Tucker You are correctly describing the Democrat party. They are indeed the “Party of No’. No funding for children with Cancer, even though Republicans appropriated and passed a bill to fund the NHI on Monday.. No funding for the Veterans Administration even though Republicans appropriated and passed a bill to fund that on Wednesday etc. etc.
  • David Hurst Oh please Steve….it’s too early in the A.M. for right-wing talking points. Pass the damn budget and all the children will be happy.
  • C Steven Tucker “Pass the damn budget”. You mean the budget that Democrats have not passed in 4 years David Hurst? Which is why we have to have these debt ceiling fights and continuing resolution fights every 6 months or so? That budget?
  • David Hurst The Bills lost Thursday….they’re not talking about shutting down the NFL
  • C Steven Tucker By the way those are right wing ‘talking points’ those are truthful statements. Or did you miss Harry Reid’s starring moment earlier this week. here, let me remind you.

  • David Hurst Republicans have never cared about sick kids before…..why start now?
  • C Steven Tucker You do realize that since Democrat took control of all three branches of government in 2008 they have not passed a budget yes? I mean you do know that right?
  • C Steven Tucker Another uninformed statement David. I mean, unless you want to repeal the SCHIP bill that was passed by Republicans. You know, the one that provides tax payer subsidized health insurance for millions of indigent American children all over the nation. Seriously, your ignorance on these issues is staggering.
  • David Hurst Why can’t they just pass a clean bill? Oh I know……..have to rid the nation of ObamaCare. The Republicans have become a suicide cult.
  • C Steven Tucker The Republicans are returning to the way things are SUPPOSED to work. Passing appropriations bills for specific functions of government. Not funding for everything in every CR. That is NOT the way our government is supposed to work and it has only been working that way since Democrats refused to pass a budget when they took control of all three branches of government in 2008.
  • David Hurst Interesting spin.
  • C Steven Tucker And it is ONLY the Republicans who have done the due diligence necessary to understand what is actually in the PPACA. An example of this is this thread. I am well versed and you have no idea. It is because of their knowledge of this bill that they are acting to PROTECT millions of Americans from it’s ramifications. Again, until you read the bill you have absolutely NO right to demonize those who are trying to STOP it.
  • C Steven Tucker Again, none of this would be necessary if those who passed this legislation had actually read the bill. 
  • David Hurst Once again…… if you Republicans are so damn smart how could you lose? Oh wait….I get it…everyone else is so stupid.
  • David Hurst If only The Heritage Foundation controlled the nature.
  • David Hurst sorry….nation
  • C Steven Tucker David Hurst. There is absolutely no correlation between who is right and who is wrong on health care policy and the outcomes of an election. The two are unrelated. It comes down to who has the most money and the most positive media coverage. This is what sways uninformed voters like yourself. How do I know? You’re still defending the worst piece of health care legislation ever written and you have haven’t even READ it. People like you are swayed by talking points. That is how Barack Obama won by swaying the ignorant with talking points and outright lies. He is VERY good at that, arguably the best ever. That said, I remain convinced that if you actually took the time to READ the bill your intelligence alone would condemn it.
  • David Hurst Then what?
  • C Steven Tucker Then you would stand with me and try working on something that would actually improve our health insurance and health care systems instead of demonizing those who do know the truth about this law and are working to provide better solutions that have already been proven to work.
  • David Hurst Who would those people be? The Conservative Party?
  • C Steven Tucker Yes I guess you could call us that. Or just informed Americans. People who take the time to read massive pieces of legislation passed in the middle of the night by one party. Those people. People who dedicate their time, energy, financial resources and expertise to inform others. Not only about legislation passed but on alternative solutions that should be considered.
  • David Hurst Steve how can you sit there and tell me the last election was not aimed at making Obama a first term POTUS and to get rid of ObamaCare? This excuse about money and media is tired. The Citizen’s United Bill allowed the Koch Brothers, Rove, and the usual gang of idiots to pour millions into Romney’s war chest.
  • C Steven Tucker Of COURSE the last election was about defeating Barack Obama. That’s what Republicans do in every election. Attempt to defeat Democrats. Why is this puzzling to you? Is this something new?
  • David Hurst “There is absolutely no correlation between who is right and who is wrong on health care policy and the outcomes of an election. The two are unrelated. It comes down to who has the most money and the most positive media coverage.” C. Steven Tucker
  • C Steven Tucker Correct David Hurst and if you think Karl Rove and anyone else who may have benefited by the Citizens United case raised more money than Barack Obama and the labor unions did via union dues you are delusional. Would you like me to post the comparison numbers for you?
  • David Hurst You lost. Get over it.
  • C Steven Tucker Just as you lost this debate. Are you ‘over it’ yet?
  • C Steven Tucker And yes Barack Obama won and he did so by raising more money than Mitt Romney which brings your entire point about Karl Rove and the Citizens United case MOOT.
  • David Hurst Been over it……..have no compulsion to educate the masses regarding your knowledge of talking points
  • David Hurst What an incredibly long grieving process
  • David Hurst What’s gonna be your battle cry next year?
  • C Steven Tucker lol ‘talking points’ You’re kidding right? I’ve asked you to define 5 specific sections of the law and you had no knowledge of either one. I don’t use talking points. I use factual information. Until you can prove otherwise… which of course would require you to actually read the law…. that statement is utterly ridiculous.
  • C Steven Tucker The same as it always has been LIBERTY and Equal Protection Under The Law for ALL. Not just members of Congress, Labor Unions and Big Business but for ALL. Again, just like that pesky Constitution says we have the RIGHT too.
  • David Hurst Of course it’s ridiculous….it’s counter to your views
  • C Steven Tucker No, it’s counter to facts. I don’t have ‘views’. I operate on factual information only. It is up to you to prove that I do not. Until you can your comments carry no weight. I would really enjoy debating these issues once you are properly informed though. Let me know if you ever decide to read the legislation. I’ll be here if you do.
  • C Steven Tucker Live long and prosper David.
  • David Hurst You too. Peace..
  • Jeanie Backus-Coates Very disappointed in this debate! I thought David might have actually READ the bill and have something positive to say about it based on knowledge! Turns out he is just another sucker rallying for his own demise! We really need to work on our public education system! We are truly turning out non-thinkers who are too lazy to read and cant comprehend basic facts!! Is there no such thing as an ocare supporter who has actually read the bill himself? lol…I’m sure there isn’t! Otherwise, he wouldn’t be a supporter!
  • Denise Cattoni liberals always run from the facts
  • John LaRosa CSteven Tucker This is a classic exchange that provides a “teachable moment”. You might want to screen shot it and add it to your blog. As Herman Cain has pointed out so many times, most liberals “S.I.N.” … they shift the subject, ignore the facts and name call. My variation on Cain’s theme is what I call the progressive”Triple D” approach…they invariably Demonize, Distract and Deny rather than address the questions at hand. Some have studied Alinsky, Cloward and Piven carefully, but others have simply adopted the radical and counterproductive ideology as a by product of decades of #BigMedia and #BigEducation indoctrination efforts.
    Bottom line: Reasonable people can reach very unreasonable conclusions if the “facts” and premises upon which they base their judgments are flawed. Yes, “stupid people are ruining America”…but so are a lot of smart ones.
    Thank you for doing what you do.
  • C Steven Tucker Thank you John LaRosa! I did take screen shots. Maybe I’ll make a blog post out of them.

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