Please call these Senators NOW. The CRUCIAL Senate vote on defunding Obamacare is TOMMORROW.

U.S. Senators Mitch McConnell (KY) John McCain (AZ) Lindsay Graham (SC) John Cornyn (TX) Lamar Alexander (TN) Thad Cochran (MS) Bob Corker (TN) John Thune (SD) Orrin Hatch (UT) Tom Coburn (OK) Roy Blunt (MO) Dan Coats (IN) Johnny Isakson (GA) Saxby Chamblis (GA) have threatened a CLOTURE vote which would end the debate in the U.S. Senate over the new House continuing resolution bill HJRes59 which defunds Obamacare. Updates at

This cloture vote would allow U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to restore funding for Obamacare by stripping that section out of HJRes59 and then send it back to the House next week. Click on each Senator’s name for their contact numbers and please call their offices now, TODAY. The crucial Senate vote on HJRes59 could be as early as TOMORROW.

PLEASE NOTE: The new tactic from Establishment Republicans is to tell undecided senators that a cloture vote is a vote to defund Obamacare. That is a LIE. Harry Reid is voting for cloture. A cloture vote is a vote to FUND Obamacare.

September 27, 2013 UPDATE After repeatedly assuring his constituents that he would not fund Obamacare. Illinois U.S. Senator Mark Kirk now states that he WILL help Harry Reid FUND Obamacare via a cloture vote. Please call, tweet, Facebook and email his office TODAY.

“If 41 Republicans stand strong and oppose cloture, they can defeat Reid’s plan to fund ObamaCare. However, if Republicans waffle and vote for cloture, it will grease the skids for Reid’s plan to defund ObamaCare. Any Republican who votes for cloture is voting to fund Obamacare.” – Matt Hoskins, executive director of the Senate Conservatives Fund.

“If Reid pursues this plan — if he insists on using a 50-vote threshold to fund ObamaCare with a partisan vote of only Democrats — then I hope that every Senate Republican will stand together and oppose cloture on the bill in order to keep the House bill intact and not let Harry Reid add ObamaCare funding back in,” – U.S. Senator Ted Cruz.

The video below reminds us all why we must defund Obamacare now.


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