Parents can get subsidized coverage at but not their children.

Welcome to the latest ‘glitch’ at the $630,000,000 (and growing) web site!

Let’s say you’re a family of five and you have 3 children. To qualify for Medicaid in Illinois your total household MAGI – Modified Adjusted Gross Income – has to be less than $38,048. In Indiana it must be less than $27,910 annually for a family of five. So if you’re above that income level you won’t have any problems enrolling you AND your children on a subsidized plan through the Obamacare “Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace”.

However because Illinois has a program called “All Kids Covered” which was initially funded under the federal SCHIP bill and is part of Medicaid you will have a big problem enrolling your children at Under All KidsCovered a family of five can make $82,710 a year and their kids will qualify for coverage under All Kids Covered which then makes their kids ineligible to receive a subsidy on the PPACA (Obamacare) “Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace“.

Indiana’s “Healthy Indiana” plan states that children from a family of five making less than $27,910 can qualify for Healthy Indiana coverage. Since your children can qualify for coverage under “Healthy Indiana”, is not allowing them to receive subsidized health insurance inside the Obamacare “Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace”. The “Marketplace” is instead kicking them to other programs established prior to Obamacare like Healthy Indiana or other offshoots of Medicaid.

So this is why is not allowing parents to enroll their kids on their health plans. Parents now are faced with three options, neither one ideal

1.) Pay full price for your children with no subsidy in the “Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace” and only get a subsidy for you and your spouse which means you will have to complete 2 separate applications, one application seeking a subsidy for you and your spouse and one application paying full price with no subsidy for your children. This of course would mean that you will have two separate policies and will receive two separate bills from the insurance company. It also means that both policies will have their own separate deductibles and other out of pocket costs which significantly increases the total out of pocket risk for the family.

2.) Decline the subsidy for the entire family (even though you qualify) and pay full price for coverage off the “Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace” for the entire family.

3.) Enroll your children on AllKidsCovered (Medicaid) and then enroll you and your spouse on the “Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace” and receive the subsidy for only you and your spouse.

Isn’t BIG government great? No worries though! Those helpful “Navigators” over at have provided a convenient “appeal request form” that you can download here.  Using this convenient “appeal request form” will allow you to state your problem and they will get right on it! You can expect a response as soon as you can ice skate on the river Styx.

Sadly, this ‘glitch’ is not isolated to Illinois. You will find that convenient ‘appeal request form’ embedded in this CNN article about another family going through the same “train wreck” in Pennsylvania. It’s also happening in Indiana, Alabama and all over the country. 

If you’re experiencing this problem you should not rely only on the ‘experts’ at You should contact your state’s department of insurance and your insurance carrier directly for help. They will both most likely be more helpful to you than the bloated bureaucracy that is

Oh and if you have a newborn child don’t expect that child to be covered under Obamacare. The brilliant designers of the $630,000,000 web site forgot to include a tool to add newborns to your policy. Thankfully that ‘glitch’ has now been fixed via a new “Special Enrollment” period.

Maybe this is why the latest Gallup poll shows a record number of Americans who now believe BIG government is the greatest threat to our future. When I saw that poll I was encouraged ….. and then I watched the video below. Before you watch the video understand that the reason that 17% of the federal government was ‘shut down’ back in October was because the U.S. House of Representatives appropriated all funding necessary to keep the government running but excluded funding for Obamacare. They knew that many Americans had already lost their coverage because of Obamacare and that millions more would as well. So they attempted to stop this ‘train wreck’ before it began. The U.S. Senate – led by Senator Harry Reid and his Democrat majority – chose not to spend any of the money appropriated by the House because it didn’t include funding for Obamacare. So, it wasn’t the Republican party or the Tea Party that ‘shut down’ government. It was the Democrat party. Or… maybe it was Bush’s fault:

Yours Truly tried my level best to explain all of this to the low information voters in Chicago back in October on ABC‘s “Windy City Live” program. As you can tell from watching the video below, they did not want to hear the truth.



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4 responses to “Parents can get subsidized coverage at but not their children.

  1. Too many low information sheeple.

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  3. Opinionated Vogon

    Obamacare is a disaster from beginning to end.  A point I make with my new parody video:

    ~ another glitch found in ObamaCare ~

    A Day In the Life (under ObamaCare)



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