Donald Trump posts health care reform plans on his site. No Socialized Medicine. Will Senator Cruz do the same?

There is now no longer any excuse for senator Ted Cruz to continue with his false narrative that Donald Trump supports a Single Payer Socialized Medicine plan just like Hillary and Bernie’s plan. Mr. Trump’s healthcare reform plans are now on his website and like in his books there is no call for a “Single Payer Socialized Medicine plan exactly like Hillary and Bernie’s plan” as Senator Cruz keeps falsely asserting. In fact, Mr. Trump’s reforms rely on common sense Conservative reforms whilst also ensuring we have a working safety net for the indigent and for our developmentally disabled who WANT access to health care services. There is no ‘individual mandate’ because Mr. Trump calls for full repeal of Obamacare “not keeping Obamacare” as senator Cruz also continues to falsely assert.

As a delegate for senator Cruz I am now calling on senator Cruz to post his health care reform plans on his website so everyone can finally see just how close both candidate’s health care reform plans are, just as I stated they were. The time for transparency is long past due.

To the hundreds of Cruz supporters who called me a ‘liar, traitor and on Trump’s payroll” you are all forgiven. Can we please just work together now to defeat the democrat candidate who actually does want a “Single Payer Socialized Medicine” plan? #NEVERHILLARY 


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8 responses to “Donald Trump posts health care reform plans on his site. No Socialized Medicine. Will Senator Cruz do the same?

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  2. Awesome Steve. I updated my blog with a link to you.

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  4. Peter

    It is curious how Trump details plan after plan while the media ignores his plans and gives the impression the other candidates have plans, they don’t.
    This forensic scientist sealed the deal for me – 30 minutes of pure common sense.

    [audio src="" /]

  5. Annette Haynes

    Cruz is a lying SOB that is not legal to run , that is why he had all of his and mom and dad records seal

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