No lying Leftists, Trump is NOT trying to “end coverage for preexisting conditions”

No lying Leftists, Trump is not trying to “end coverage for preexisting conditions“. His D.O.J. however has chosen not to defend Obamacare against the latest legal challenge to it led by Texas and 19 other states. That case argues (legitimately) that since the SCOTUS found the “Individual Mandate” constitutional in 2012 by defining it as a “tax” and later Republicans passed tax reform which included repeal of the Individual Mandate. The Individual Mandate can no longer be constitutional because there will be no more penalties assessed for not buying health insurance as of January 1, 2019. The D.O.J. is also arguing that two other Obamacare provisions should be struck down — one requiring insurers to cover those with preexisting conditions AT THE SAME PRICE AS THOSE WITHOUT PREEXISTING CONDITIONS.

I put that last part in caps because the lying Leftist propagandists at Politico, WAPO and every other Left wing rag have left that important part OUT. The truth is, if this legal challenge prevails (and that’s a BIG if) those who have preexisting conditions would simply pay more than those without preexisting conditions and coverage for preexisting conditions would still exist as it did for decades before Obamacare. For responsible reporting on this issue read the following article from the Washington Examiner.

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